ICT Sustainable Tourism

      Our Story

         La Quinta Sarapiqui Lodge exemplifies the resilience of the tropical rainforest. In 1993, when we started, the site was a cattle farm, cleared of most of its trees and natural vegetation. Careful planning and giving nature a chance has resulted in a remarkable recovery.

          The Lodge has established wild gardens as a habitat to attract butterflies, frogs, small mammals and lots of birds. Practically anything will grow in this environment, in fact ten percent of the earth's bio-diversity is present in Costa Rica and the lowland humid rainforest of Sarapiqui provides limitless opportunities for the eco-tourist.

                      Your Hosts Through the Years,

                                 Growing with La Quinta

                                      Beatriz, Leo, Andrés, Beatrice & Camila

               1994                                 1999                                                  2004                                   



           La Quinta Sarapiqui Lodge is a family owned and operated business. Beatriz and Leo have lived on the premises since starting La Quinta, where their children, Andrés, Beatrice, and Camila were born and raised. Andrés, an agricultural engineer, began working full time in La Quinta in 2017 where he is now developing a production farm (read more about it in our "El Patio" tab). As part of the family, Beatrice and Camila will also host visitors.


                                          Our Staff

             Everyone in our staff is from the area of Sarapiqui and works full time with us, some of them have been in La Quinta since the beginning. La Quinta’s staff will make every effort to make sure your stay is as relaxing and comfortable as possible. Personal and friendly service is the number one priority for every member of our staff.