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Services Available On Site

- Mail
- Laundry
- International telephone
- Internet access
- Guided Tours
- Transfers
- In house attractions
- Reforestation
- Cooking workshops


We have incorporated areas for the enjoyment of yoga and wellness.






In addition to the natural forest and stream buffers the Inn is proud of it’s Heliconia and ornamental flower gardens. A demonstration, organic garden and orchard supplement the delicious fresh fruits and vegetables served at all meals.



Trails at the Inn

A map of the 20-acre La Quinta property identifies the trails that you are encouraged to use for a 20 or 30 minutes self guided walk. The trails lead you to:

- The Library
- The Butterfly House
- The Frog Land
- The Vegetable Garden
- El Patio: From Our Farm to Your Table
- The Reforestation Project
- The Ponds Area
- The Sardinal River


Meals include delicious fresh fruits and vegetables, many from our own garden, often rice and beans and main courses carefully prepared by the chef and co-owner Leonardo Jenkins. Costa Rican coffee is available all day long. Cooking classes can be schedu by special arrangement.

A typical dinner could be a buffet that includes:
- Natural juice

- Salad bar with 12 ingredients: Lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, hearts of palm, carrots, onions, sweet corns, beetroots, eggs and 2 kinds of dressings

- Two or three grilled meats: Chicken, beef or pork

- Six sides: Rice, beans, a buttered vegetable, vegetable omelette, plantains or potatoes, a diced vegetable, tortillas or bread, dessert, and coffee or tea




Butterflies & Frogs

The La Quinta butterfly garden provides a habitat for many different species of Costa Rican butterflies. It includes both larval and nectar plants which provide nourishment for the butterflies throughout their life cycle. The butterfly garden provides an opportunity for our guests to photograph, enjoy, learn and interact with the butterflies.

The Poison dart frog (Dendrobates pumilio) as well as the green frog (Dendrobates auratus) can be spotted quite easy at La Quinta frog garden. Very active during daylight hours because of the lack of any predators these frogs don’t stay still very long. They can be seen walking, hopping, jumping and climbing or just sitting in a bromeliad.


Rest Areas

          Along the path of the trail, areas for rest and relaxation of our visitors have been designated. Next to the butterfly garden and next to the sardinal river a space was designed with hammocks, chairs and tables where you can enjoy the green landscapes of the lodge. Similarly, in other sectors of the property there are common areas for the enjoyment of visitors. 

Vegetable Garden

            This unit is part of the La Quinta self-supply program. In our nursery and nearby production areas, we produce a wide range of products such as: sweet pepper, lettuce, cucumber, tomato, sweet potato, malanga, cassava, celery, coriander, radish, among others. It is important to emphasize that the production varies according to the climate, so there are certain products that are only present at certain times. 

Reforestation Project

            This start 25 years ago, at the time the property was acquired. From then on, approximately 2 acres were used to devote them to the regeneration of the humid tropical forest. In this sector, native species of the area have been planted only, thus generating a secondary forest. In addition, there are other areas within the lodge where it has been reforested but not adjacent to the forest that has been established. This has allowed us to form a small biological corridor taking advantage of our neighbor's sardinal river, and as a result significantly increase the fauna of our lodge. 


           The property has a water source, which is why it was decided to take advantage of it and create three small lakes. These are available for activities such as fishing and bird watching. In addition, in the largest lake there is a family of alligators, which were rescued from captivity through a program of a government institution.

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